Ways you can add elements of luxury to your bathroom

Luxury and grandeur is something we all aspire for in any aspect of life. The bathroom is no different and it’s becoming common that people want their bathroom to fit the rest of their home. Can it be done without hurting your wallet? It’s best to plan for a little spending but there are some ways you can save and add luxury elements at the same time.


The walls around you should be considered as a blank canvas. It’s the perfect starting spot for you to add a luxury feel and kick-start the makeover. Larger tiles are on trend because they create the feeling of luxury and add elegance to your space. Which material is the best option? It will come down to personal preference but typically marble, mirrored or metallic tiles are an excellent way to get a modern feel. The subway tile is still a good option and can be paired with a range of other styles. Also, don’t overlook waterproof wall papers, check out some design blogs and see what you like.


Chrome is no longer to go when it comes to faucets and taps. Taps are a way to make a statement and tie in the other elements of your bathroom. Different colours, textures and finishes are more frequent and perfect for adding luxury. Minimal designs can be found in matte finishes, copper finishes and even gold. This type of tap goes perfectly with the monochrome colour scheme. Opt for luxury brands. Bravat has been making tapware for hundreds of years and offers a high-end product, perfect for your new luxury space.

Digital Showers

Often, luxury translates to simplicity, functionality and convenience. No longer do we have to keep adjusting taps to find the perfect temperature of water for our shower or bath. We now have technology to do that for us. Technology is now a part of bathrooms and specifically in showers. Now, showers can be digitally controlled and that means you can find your perfect temperature each time you shower. Advanced thermostatic technology enables the shower to stay the same heat each day. If you want to change the temperature, simply push a button before you get in. Additionally, you have a shower that makes no noise and can clean itself! Yes, that’s right, you can sit back while your shower cleans itself.


Monochrome colour schemes are in. This palette can be seen in plenty of design magazines and blogs all around the web. Black and white is always on trend and it can be used in so many different ways. Modern designs or something more traditional can play well into this colour scheme. Additionally, it won’t need to be changed years later.

His and Hers

His and hers basins and vanities will depend on the space you have in your bathroom. If you have a small space, there is just no point adding it in. However, if you have plenty of room, his and hers vanity and basins will create luxury and elegance.


Upgrading your bathtub is a great option. Think of a grand bathroom and you picture a huge bathtub you can relax in. Without a bathtub, the bathroom just doesn’t have the same feel. Claw-foot bathtubs are making a comeback and that’s because its adds grandeur. You can also opt for a marble or wooden tub that gives your bathroom a real hero piece.

What you choose to do with your bathroom will depend on the size and space. Just because something looks great in one bathroom, doesn’t mean it will look great in yours. Do your own planning!

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