6 Bathroom Renovation Tips

6 Bathroom Renovation Tips

When it comes to doing a complete bathroom overhaul, it’s worth taking some time to ensure that you are getting it right. There are tonnes of weird and wonderful ways that you can maximise space in your bathroom and get the best possible results from your renovation. Here we explore six great bathroom renovation tips to give you the best possible results:

1. Finish With Quality Fittings

If there’s one place where it’s worth investing, then it’s in the finishing touches. Installing high-quality fittings such as those offered by Bravat Australia can add a touch of class and quality to your finished bathroom. Many people make the mistake of spending a massive amount on the build and end up with nothing to spend on the finishing touches but these finishing touches are actually what makes all the difference. With some fantastic feature taps, people will pay less attention to the fact that you used tiles instead of slate.

2. Use Lots Of Light

Light is essential for any bathroom renovation and it will make the difference between a great looking room and an unattractive room. As bathrooms tend to be confined and wet, a dark room can look dank. With good lighting, however, you can make the bathroom look bright, cool and inviting. Remember that this is the first place you will probably go in the morning so it’s worth investing to make it a bright and pleasant place to be. Starting your day with a bright room will certainly help improve your mood!

3. Consider Your Storage Solutions

A common mistake people make when designing a bathroom is to forget the practical factors. For example, you will need to install enough storage for a wide range of toiletries and cleaning products so you need to ensure you leave space for this. Plan where you will store different items and you will end up with a room that looks properly finished. If you miss these at the design stage, you will end up shoe-horning in solutions that will leave the bathroom feeling cluttered and unattractive.

4. Add Colour To Features

Bathrooms tend to be relatively neutral in colour as a whole because they need to look clean and spacious. While appliances also dictate to a certain extent how the bathroom must look, you can add bursts of colour to make it more interesting. Installing fittings and features that add a touch of colour will help you to make the space more welcoming and homely. Consider adding colour to the items that are easier to swap, such as laundry baskets, and then you can easily refresh the look again in the future.

5. Make Space For A Plant

Keeping some space to add some greenery to your bathroom can be a great touch that helps you to add some class and style to the bathroom. Plants can also help to improve your mood and improve the air quality, so the bathroom is the perfect place to keep them. Designing your bathroom with a plant feature in mind will help you to tailor this to be a wonderful feature of your bathroom.

6. Take Your Time

Finally — and perhaps most importantly — you should take your time in planning your bathroom renovation. To get the best out of your space you need to consider all of the options and work out how everything will fit together. You need to weigh the benefits of concealed piping and different types of lighting, so it is sensible to shop around and look at everything on offer. Taking your time on the design will help you to achieve the perfect renovation.

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