As the primary touch point of any bathroom, your taps are one of the most critical elements. The Bravat Source Series offers simplified style, high-quality construction and the perfect mix of technology. With smooth rounded lines and a lustrous finish, the mirror plated chrome basin mixer is ideal for any bathroom. The stunning Source basin mixer also comes in a matte black coating and a range of sizes.

The Bravat Source Series is one of many Bravat products that incorporates a range of technology that saves water and gives you an enjoyable experience. Featuring a water-saving aerator, this Bravat mixer delivers a spotless, easy-going flow while helping reduce overall water consumption by up to 30%. Made from high-quality lead-free brass that coexists with additional lead-free technology, you and your family will have the best quality water. The Source Series stunning range of mixers all feature specialised flow adjusting technology to ensure comfort and efficiency. The Bravat Source Mixer features a WELS 4-star rating and a 6.5L average flow. The Source Series meets multiple industry standards, including the NFS Standard and the AB1953 requirements, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, the Air-Mix technology will provide you with a rhythmic flow and an experience you will miss each you leave the bathroom.