The classic and stunning simplicity of the Bravat Gina Series offers beauty and technology in one. The eye-catching, slender silhouettes provide bold lines and mirror-sided plating that creates an extraordinary feel. The Gina mixers are the perfect addition to any bathroom, catering to both modest and luxury spaces. The Gina Series has an extensive collection made up of mixers, both free-standing and wall mounted, diverters and stunning free-standing bath spouts. The elegant yet practical design and chrome finishes will coexist with all the vital elements of your dream bathroom.

Bravat strives to give you best when it comes to your bathroom fittings. Not only progressive in appearance, the Gina Series will also deliver you a clean, soft flow, reducing overall water consumption by up to 30%. With specialised flow adjusting technology, the Gina Basin Mixer provides comfort and efficiency for each use. The soothing experience is accomplished when the mixer absorbs over two litres of air each minute, perfectly mixing air and water. Additionally, the Gina Series uses high-quality lead-free brass. This material meets multiple industry standards, lowering the risk of lead pollution in your water, giving you peace of mind with each use.