Diamonds are associated with luxury, and the Bravat Diamond Series displays just that. Cut like a diamond; the materials boast a compelling visual experience. Mirror-sided plating technology continues this stunning diamond facade. The geometric lines give the Bravat Diamond Series a unique appearance. Both horizontal and vertical shapes intersect creating a sleek, luxury finish, the perfect talking point for your new bathroom.

The Diamond Series gives you options, offering a range of product and sizes. Each piece in the series consists of the excellent technology Bravat has become renowned for. Your home’s water will have significantly less risk of lead pollution thanks to the quality lead-free technology. The lead-free brass ensures the Diamond mixers meet NSF standards and AB1953 requirements. Overall water consumption will be reduced with state of the art Water-Saving Technology. Up to 30% more water will be saved thanks to the Swiss Neoperl aerators. The Air Max and Ecotap Technology will save you energy and offer you and your family a much more enjoyable experience. The Diamond Series is the perfect way to portray a sense of luxury; stand out above the rest.