The Bravat Arc Series offers something for every space. Opt for the classic chrome finish that complements ranges of styles. Alternatively, break free from the stereotypical and go for the matte black coating.  With Mirror-sided plating technology, the chrome option is extraordinary. The matte black coat has a modern and contemporary feel that’s perfect for anywhere in your home. The Ar Series is the perfect method to control both temperature and water flow in your home.

All Bravat designs keep innovating and breaking the norm. Carrying on this idea, Bravat also strives to innovate with the internal elements of the Arc Series. The detailed planning, design and functionality of the Arc Series will mean you get all the best technology. Water saving technology will benefit you and the environment by saving up to 30% more water. You get an ideal pressure and flow thanks to the Air Mix Technology which creates a perfect combination of water and air. The high-end brass and lead-free technology will give you peace of mind while providing safe drinking water for your family.  The Arc Series meet industry health standards such as the NFS standards and the AB1953 requirements.

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