Terms And Conditions
1, Subject to these Terms & Conditions, if the Bravat FL-8000 Felino “O” Handshower on
Rail is purchased and does not meet the customer’s expectations, the retail purchase price
including GST will be refunded by the retailer (Place of purchase)

2, A refund clam must be made by returning the complete shower set to the retailer within
45 days of purchase date. The Retailer is unable to accept responsibility for any product
return that is lost, Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of receipt.

3, The refund will be made with 10 working days upon return of the product to the place of
purchase and it’s return in it original condition, with copy of proof of purchase.

4, The amount of the refund will be the entire purchase price of the Felino “O” shower
product including GST only, and specifically excludes any costs in relation to installation or
removal of the product, or any other associated or perceived costs.

5, A refund claim will be rejected if any item in the product contents has been in any way
damaged, altered or repaired following purchase.

6, The Retailer will be responsible for the cost of providing the refund to the customer,
however the customer accepts responsibility for the cost of returning the product to the
retailer and any other costs they may incur during the refund process.

7,Bravat and the Retailer reserves the right to reject any refund claim which falls outside
these Terms and Conditions or if the retailer has any cause to believe a refund is claimed
otherwise than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

8, In the unlikely event of a product failure, the standard Bravat Warranty terms and
conditions apply and any rights under Australian Consumer Law apply.

9, Offer is strictly available for purchases within Australia between 1st July 2018 and 30th
September 2018

For any further information, please contact Bravat Australia on 1300 877 476 or Email