What comes into your mind when you see this interestingly hollowed handle?

A slice of green in a concrete forest, or a dreamland filled with sunshine?

By combining industrial design with natural elements, we wish to stimulate more of your imaginations.

Ozen won the 2014 iF Awards by being this chic and water-saving. With its handle integrated with spout, Ozen reduces water consumption effectively. Meanwhile, the hollow makes the spout not only light in weight but also creates a interesting sensation to your hand.

Both the humanized design of two-stage water adjustment and unique non-slip temperature switch help its users to find the same comfortable water temperature effortless.

The iF Product Design Award

The iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design. Every year the iF attracts more than 2,000 product entries from around 37 nations, which are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality.

iF Wnner III:Equatre 4 in 1 TaP

Design Concept: Equatre, one minimalist styling electronic tap delivers hot, cold, boiling, filtered, 4 water types from 1 spout with world leading technology. The control of 4 waterways is separated in 2 handles. Crystal clear handle on the left switch filtered/boiling water. With single touch, it shows blue light to indicate filtered drinking water. When you touch and hold for 3 seconds, it turns red to indicate boiling water. For safety, boiling water will stop immediately if there is not contact. Cold-start 2 stages handle on the right side controls hot/cold water. For energy saving, stage 1 offers cold water only. Hot water will be turned on in stage 2.